Terms and Conditions for The Stone Barn at Stratton House

1. These terms and conditions govern all bookings made with The Stone Barn at Stratton House, Stratton Audley, OX27 9AT and apply to all reservations, agreements and bookings and use of all and any facilities at The Stone Barn.

Throughout this document The Stone Barn at Stratton House is referred to as The Accommodation.

Booking & Payment Terms

2. In order to book one of the studio apartments at The Stone Barn at Stratton House, guests should contact The Accommodation via email in the first instance to ensure that the dates and accommodation required are available.
3. The Booking Reservation is not a booking confirmation until pre-payment has been made, and The Accommodation is not obliged to make the apartment available, nor is a binding contract in place, until such time as the Confirmation of Booking has been sent to the guest.
4. The contract is conditional on The Guest supplying credit card details at the time of the reservation together with the name of any other guest, and a booking is not deemed as confirmed until the relevant pre-payment charges have been made.
5. Payments may be made by credit or debit card (except American Express), or by using PayPal. Credit card details will be held for a short period of time in accordance with full PCI procedures and Data Protection law.
6. A final receipt will be made available upon departure if required. Charges are all inclusive.
7. On Reservation of Booking you will be liable to pay the first night of three nights or 25% of the total charge for bookings up to one week in length and 50% of the total charge for bookings of over one week. A Confirmation of Booking will then be issued.
8. Upon arrival you will be asked to present the card you booked with to settle the remaining monies outstanding and a record will be retained for the duration of your stay. A photo ID will also be requested. Any additional charges incurred by The Guest must be paid in full before leaving The Accommodation.
9. The standard charges may be varied from time to time.
10. We will charge your card if you cancel (in line with the cancellation charges), where you do not show, or if you leave early, or in the event of late checkout or overstays. We will also be entitled to make deductions from the card in case of damage to the Accommodation or its contents.

Cancellation Policy


11. Unless otherwise specified in the Confirmation of Booking the following cancellation policy will apply:
11.1. We have a cool-off period of 24 hours after dispatch of your Booking Reservation acknowledgement before your card will be charged with a first night, 25% or 50% prepayment of the total charge as specified in the Booking Terms above.
11.2. Early Cancellation: If you cancel a booking 14 days or more prior to commencement of the stay then we will refund the pre-payment made.
11.3. Late Cancellation: We will be as flexible as we can if you need to cancel. However if you cancel a booking 14 days or less prior to the commencement of your stay then you will be liable to pay the remainder of the monies for the entirety of the booking period and you
authorise The Stone Barn to deduct such sums from the credit or debit card which you supplied when making the booking and with which the pre-payment was made.
12. The Stone Barn is not entitled to cancel a booking once a Confirmation of Booking has been sent. However there may be circumstances beyond the reasonable control of The Accommodation such as severe weather, power cut-off, governmental action or
emergencies in which The Accommodation is unavailable for all or part of a selected period and in those exceptional circumstances we will do what we can to assist. The Accommodation will suggest alternative accommodation during the chosen Period and if such alternative accommodation is available then your contract with The Stone Barn may be terminated.

Arrival and Departure

13. Please aim to arrive at The Stone Barn between 16.00hrs and 20.00hrs on the first day. If this is difficult for any reason, please let us know and we will endeavour to accommodate your arrival time. Please be ready to depart by 1100hrs on the last morning so that we can access the apartment in preparation for the arrival of the next guests. Overstaying will be charged on a full daily basis unless you have agreed a late checkout or a further period of rental.
On departure please leave the apartment in a reasonable condition.



14. Please inform us if you break or damaged anything during your stay as soon as it occurs, so that we can arrange to fix or replace it for your continued comfort. Accidents happen and we do not apportion blame, however such damage may be chargeable at
our discretion.

Guest Responsibilities


15. Guests have primary responsibility for their own safety during their stay at The Accommodation. This includes the use of the indoor pool for which a separate set of instructions is available and will be provided on arrival.
16. Guests have an obligation to ensure they behave in a reasonable manner and cause no nuisance to others: that they do not leave or render any part of the property insecure: that they do nothing to cause a fire; that they are mindful of others and keep noise to a minimum; that they cause no personal injury or physical damage.
17. Please note that all the accommodation at The Stone Barn is strictly no smoking. In the event that smoking occurs in the building you will be subject to a deep-clean charge of £200. A bucket for cigarette butts is available for smoking outside the building.
18. Pets are not allowed on the property and we do not allow children including babies. Only the persons named in the Booking Summary may occupy The Accommodation and have the use of the facilities.
19. Guests are given a key ring which consists of a wireless gate fob, the barn front door key and a studio apartment key. These are for guests to retain for the duration of their visit but please remember to return them on departure. There is a charge of £30
for non-returned keys.
20. Guests are obliged to allow The Accommodation access at reasonable times to carry out any maintenance or check conditions.

The Accommodation Responsibilities/Liabilities/Disclosures


21. CCTV surveillance operates 24/7 for the benefit of all concerned. Images will only ever be used in the event of an incident or at the request of Guests and are wiped from the recording system every few weeks.
22. The Accommodation confirms that all furniture and furnishings comply with the relevant fire safety regulations and that all electrical appliances and equipment are safe so as not to cause danger.
23. The Accommodation shall have no liability to The Guest for any loss, damage, costs or expenses or other claims for compensation arising from any instructions supplied by The Guest which are incomplete, incorrect, illegible out of sequence or in the wrong order or form, or arising from The Guest’s late arrival, non-arrival or any other fault of The Guest.
24. The Accommodation does not accept any responsibility or liability for acts of omission of third parties, which may prevent or disrupt The Guests booking. The booking contract exists between the Accommodation and The Guest and is limited to the rental of the property and associated facilities only.
25. The information and descriptions supplied are believed to be accurate and are offered in good faith. It may be possible that certain facilities or features may not be available on occasions due to circumstances beyond our control and The Accommodation accepts no liability.
26. In addition The Accommodation accepts no liability or responsibility for any theft, injury or damage caused to The Guest during their stay arising out of or in connection with the use of the property or facilities.
27. The Accommodation will not be liable or accountable for any unforeseen situations or unforeseen circumstances (Force Majeure). This may be such situations as freak weather conditions, local or national strikes, terrorism or anything out of the ordinary.
28. Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the negligence of The Accommodation or as expressly provided for in these terms and conditions, The Accommodation shall not be liable to the Guest by reason of any innocent representation or any implied warranty, condition or other term, or any duty at common law, for any loss of profit, opportunity or any indirect, special or consequential loss, damage, cost, expense or other claims (however caused) which arise out of or in connection with the provision of the services (including any delay or failure to provide them) or their use by The Guest. Not with standing this, any such liability under or in connection with the contract shall be limited to the amount of the charges for the provision of the services in question.
29. This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties. Each party acknowledges that, in entering into this agreement, he/she does not rely on any representation, warrantee or other term not forming part of this agreement, including by reference. It is not intended that this agreement shall give any right to any third party under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.
30. The parties agree that these terms are fair and reasonable in all the circumstances. However, if any provision of these terms is held not to be valid by a court of competent jurisdiction but would be valid if part of the wording were deleted, then such provision shall apply with such deletions as may be necessary to make it valid. If any of the provisions in these terms are held not to be valid the remaining provisions of these terms shall remain in full force and effect.
31. This agreement shall be governed in accordance with English Law and the parties agree to submit exclusively to the English Courts.


By completing this booking you, The Guest, have read, understood and accepted the Terms & Conditions as described herein.

Last updated: September 2014